Volleyball drills for all skills

Groups of 2

.1 player warm up, 1 player technique exercises

  • running to the net and back (x2) - ball between legs
  • lift the knees to the net and back - abdominal muscles
  • Heels and buttocks to the net and back - lie on your stomach, arms over the ball
  • sideways to the net and back - hold high overhead
  • cross pass to the net and back - underhand hold
  • Lunges to the net and back - one arm held high

Just play with a pair of under and overhands.

Possibly with assignments after the game:

  • Tap a line
  • Knee on the ground
  • Two hands on the ground
  • Turn around
  • ...

  • All 1 ball and stand on the sideline
    • Move to the other side of the line while pressing the key.
  • Idem
    • 3x keys
    • clap your hands
    • 3x keys
    • etc
  • Idem
    • tap the ground
  • Now the same overhead


  • A throws to B
  • B plays into C
  • C sets up and B plays over the net
  • Run after own ball

  • Four men on the back line.
  • The rest stands around the field to pick up balls.
  • One by one they enter the field and get a ball from the trainer.
  • They have to touch the ball otherwise they get another one.
  • When they are finished they come in at the back.
  • Start slowly and make it harder.
  • there are 3 tickers.
  • The other players bounce to the center line,
  • the taggers try to tap the ball away.


  • See picture.
  • Take turns throwing the ball.
  • After throwing the ball touch the back line and walk to the next spot.
  • Throwing good?
  • Then everything underhand.
  • Later all above hands.
  1. Keys to each other ( as high as possible )
  2. OH to each other ( TWIST: use 1 hand )
  3. Under the net to each other underhand
  4. Underhand to each other ( out of system -> also as high to each other )
  5. Hit the ball technically to the back player ( in front, next to, on top of, ...)
  6. Throw the ball into the net and take it out of the net
  • Team builds up attack after serving.
  • After the attack opposite player (S1, S2 or S3) throws the ball right back into the field
  • (ball jumps back from the block),
  • team builds up new attack
  • etcetera