Volleyball drills for all skills


Goal: Make a good run

Accent : Both arms go up

  • One line on the outside, nr 2 throws the ball to SV, nr 1 attacks
  • One row at the centre or at position 2, nr 2 throws the ball to SV, nr 1 attacks.


  • Line at position 5
  • Queue at position 6
  • Thrower throws ball at position 5, pass to SV at position 2-3, set up to position 3
  • Thrower throws ball at position 6, pass to SV, set up to position 4
  • Attacker gets ball and goes to the back of the line
  • Then with a block and block defense

Goal: Block in the right position, hands opposite the striker's arm

People walk in a line around the field. The back must cross the front and get to the front. Do this until you are back in the starting position.

Variation: billy goat jump


Half court. One ticker. When one is tagged, one stands with legs open. Someone else can free himself by sliding through his legs. Trainer calls when ticker changes.

  • All 1 ball and first try to play overhead on 1 spot, then
  • All 1 ball and hit the ground against the wall.
  • Hit the ball so your wrist is over the ball.
  • Remember to get out and both arms in the air.

Line-up (6 players). Coach stands with possibly other players on the other side.

When there is a chance to attack, the coach stands still and keeps the ball in position. Players on the other side must stand in the correct position in relation to the attack.

Also take into account the times

4 pots for the first person, thereafter 2 pots for each additional person.

Each game gets a number (1, 2, 3, 4). Trainer calls out a number. Players must tap this number as quickly as possible and return to the middle of the square.

At 'change' they move one square forward and the player in front moves to the square at the back.


In each field 1 passer, 1 catcher, 1 reserve and 2 server.
With 12 players place 2 passers and always let the inner passer go to midfield

Serve, reserve, pass, catch and serve. Chasing your ball.


  • Walk slowly to the other side of the hall.
  • One player indicates with a "Yes" that the other players have to do an assignment.
  • On the way back another player gives the assignments.
    The assignments can be made up by the players themselves. Until everyone has been.
  • Squats with arm swing, bend the knees (weight backwards as if you are sitting on a chair) swing the arms downwards and as soon as you come up with the arms again, the body comes up to the toes.
  • Handwalk. Put your hand flat on the ground and walk as far as you can with your hands in front of you, walk back with your hands under the shoulder, press up and walk with your feet to the hands
  • Loose twist and stretch + penalty bench


Be able to set a two-man block


Outside player has inside hand facing the ball and the middle blocker has the outside hand placed in front of the ball

Block move without the ball


  • Blockers 1 and 2 start on pos. 2 and 4. Blocker 3 at pos. 3
    - Blocker 3 blocks at mid and moves to the right.
    - 3 and 1 form a 2-block on the right
    - blocker 1 turns and 3 takes his place at right front
    - blocker 4 goes to the net and blocks at mid and moves to the left
    - 2 and 4 form a 2 block on the left
  • Trainer holds up ball in the middle
  • Two players at position 2 and 4 hold up a ball. They have to block there
  • Two players throw a ball