Volleyball drills for all skills


  • With a pair
  • One player behind the back line lies on his/her belly
  • Other player at the net hits and throws the ball
  • Player stands up and passes the ball back
  • catches or takes the ball and repeat this 10 times
  • try to keep a high tempo

  • 2 teams(6,8,10 or 12 players)
  • 1 person in the field.
  • Other players stand behind the back line in the waiting room.
  • T puts ball in play in field A or B.
  • You may only play the ball underarm.
  • After playing the ball, step out and someone in the waiting room takes your place.
  • If you make a mistake, the opponent gets a point.



- 1 defender starts behind the back line
- C plays high ball in the field
- 1 comes in and plays overhead to S
- S set-up to where attacker is standing
- attack straight ahead, attacker gets the ball
- 1 becomes attacker and 2 defender
VARIATION 1: Harder hit ball, with fixed libero in defence.
VARIATION 2: IDEM to 1, but with block after your attack.

3 rounds

  • first round = throwing (freeball)
  • second round = technical hit (hit freeball) --> short ball can already be a dived ball
  • third round = hard hit --> short ball almost impossible to catch



Speed, Conditioning, Shuffling, Standing and Passing Exercise


4 players at the net, 2 in the middle of the field. In mirror image 2 in the middle and again 4 on the back line.



  • The two passers move sideways to the centre, touching each other's hand. Pass the ball, kidney after kidney sideways to the outside line and pass again.
  • Whoever reaches the 10 first wins.
  • It is not about the pass but about the attitude and standing still during the pass.


  • The team starts in basic formation.
  • MV moves to the left and together with LV sets up a block.
  • The other players move to corresponding defensive position.
  • Trainer checks and corrects position of players.

  • MV moves to the right to block with RV/SV.
  • The other players move to the corresponding defensive position.
  • Trainer checks and corrects position of players.
  • Repeat this number of times in one motion, rotating frequently so everyone has been in each position.


  • Make threes
  • Each trio one ball.
  • Player in the middle runs an 8 each time. Each time this player gets in the middle, a ball is thrown:
    • A throws (or plays overhand) the ball to B (in the middle).
    • B plays the ball back to A underhand and then runs around A until he is in the middle again.
    • A meanwhile passes the ball overhead to C.
    • C plays the ball overhand back to B.
    • B passes the ball back to C underhand and then runs around C until he is in the middle again.
    • Etc.
  • After 2-3 minutes, the player in the middle changes.


  • To make it easier, player A and C can also have them throw instead of playing overhand. This can be an underhand throw/catch or an overhand throw/catch.
  • To practice standing still while playing/catching, you can also let player B throw and catch underhand.


  • 2 rows:
  • first players ready to play ball (no ball in hands)
  • Other players with ball
  • 2nd player throws the ball into the field and player 1:
    • Runs towards the ball, 1x OH and then catch
    • Runs towards the ball, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs for the ball, 1x OH, 1x BH and then catch
  • Connect with ball in the back of the line
  • High tempo and adapt to the player.


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