Volleyball drills for all skills

  1. In pairs. 1 works the other has rest
    • bench up and down with 2 legs at the same time (3x 20 - if you can)
    • bench up and down, alternating left and right (3x 20)
  2. Push-ups, remember that their backs are straight
  3. Abdominal muscle:
    • ball in your hands, legs up and try to touch the toes with the ball (30x)
    • Place ball on the ground left and right of your body with your arms stretched out (both 30x)
  4. Stand between 2 lines and move LAY and touch the side lines
  5. Tipping: individually through the field

Trainer throws ball to attacker. The attacker smashes the ball into the opposite field where 3 defenders are standing to defend the ball. A 4 player stands as sv at the net. He tries to block the ball first.

After defending he/she builds up an attack. Then another ball. After 10 times another attacker comes.


Play overhand over the net in pairs Then play for yourself and 1 row to the right. First in the queue and then join the next row. At the end of the row pass under the net and join the other side.

2 groups with a course of 5 pawns. The first one starts to run the course and then passes to the next one. Which team wins?

2 or 3 against each other sprinting. Whoever wins is finished.

the two of us. 1 works, other has rest

  1. going up and down bench with 2 legs at the same time
  2. bench up and down, alternately left right
  3. another bench exercise(s)
  4. Push-ups, remember that they have their back straight
  5. Absorbent muscle: arms crossed, legs up, shoulders up 20 cm
  6. Stand between 2 lines and move LOW and touch the side lines
  7. Jump over buddy and after landing crawl through the legs of your buddy

This exercise is for sv only.

SV: The trainer throws the ball towards the sv area. The SVs play the ball into the front left basket. The other SV catches the ball and counts the times the basket is hit or passed (better). After 15 balls the players change.

In the second series the trainer makes the ball harder to play.

The other 5 players will do the exercise 'bounce and play in 3 times on 1 side'.

A good pass is indispensable to set up a counter attack. Therefore it cannot be trained enough. In this exercise, the emphasis is on the pass.

pass-exerciseOn one side, two players line up to pass. On this side there is also a playmaker. Both the passer and the defender remain standing. The servers rotate. They take turns serving the two passers. Server 4 begins at the net where the outside attack is normally performed.

Server 1 begins by serving. After the service he walks to the net to catch the service after him. His service is caught by one of the passers, the server gives a setup high outside and player four catches the setup. Player 4 then walks to the serving area and player 1 takes his place.

The exercise must be done in a quick tempo. When the server plays the ball, the next player should already start serving.

After 5 minutes, change passers and distributors.

If there are many players the field can be divided in two lengthwise.


Trainer plays the ball and the player passes back. Then walk backwards around a pawn and get the second ball from another trainer/player. Join the back of the row. Extend with distributor and pass over the net.