Volleyball drills for all skills


Trainers throw ball to over the net and player:

  • Catch oh the ball
  • Catches bra the ball
  • Catches the ball sitting down
  • Catches the ball with 1 knee on the ground
  • Lying down on the ground, drops ball on buttocks.

2 or 3 louts (depends on the size of the group)

  • Keep in mind that there is a good catcher and a less good catcher.
  • If one person catches the ball then you change all the players at the same time so that the weakest player is never left standing!
  • 2 teams with a net in between
  • Serve towards each other.
  • Net lower if necessary.
  • Pay attention to technique
  • They have to catch the served ball!
  • If 5 times in a row your service is caught, you may step back.

Trainer throws ball over the net and player catches:

  • Underhand
  • Overhead
  • Sitting
  • Lying down and drops ball on buttocks
  • When you're finished, stand with both arms up.
  • One arm down through the other player, shout KNAK.
  • Arm 2 down by fellow player then shout WORST and you're free.
  • Just a little lower if necessary
  • Serve with 2 pairs quietly to each other.
  • the other tries to play the oh and then catch it, and thus serve
  • Pay attention to the right foot (lb in front of rh, vice versa).
  • Serve first straight, if necessary also diagonally.
  • Locker with a cone on top and then throw the cone off
  • Cupboard with basket on top and then throw the ball into it
  • 2 benches and then at the end cones and roll them over
  • Tjoep rack and then throw in the ball and catch it yourself
  • Place a basket and throw the ball in

These exercises have to be done using volleyball technical movements

  • 2 cabinets with pawns on them.
  • Stand at a distance
  • Players may throw the ball with the same throw off the pawn.
  • If you succeed you get a clip on your shirt / you have a point.
  • Players serve and may choose where they stand.
  • 2 at the same time.
  • If you serve in the hoop, the hoop is yours!
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