Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Players start on the three-metre line in pairs facing each other.
  • One player has the ball.
  • At 6 meters from the net there is a cone behind each player.
  • Players do a control key and then pass the ball over the net.
  • Then they run around the cone behind them.
  • The same, but after passing the ball they dive to the cone and get ready again.
  • Player does a control key, turns around and keys the ball backwards over the net.
  • Then he does a block and returns to his home position.
  • Per trio.
  • Player A does the control key and plays the ball over the net.
  • Player B does reception, C stands at the net and taps the ball high over, then he dives through B's legs and they switch places.
  • Players play two against two.
  • Each time the ball is over, they walk over to the other side of the net and join in behind.
  • The goal is to keep the ball in play as long as possible.
  • If a team makes a mistake, they have to dive to the other side.
  • Often the volleyball field is divided into six positions, you can also divide the field into nine sections of three by three meters.
  • This can be of value in coaching, service and (tactical) attack.
  • I let the group hold hands and then call a number below ten.
  • The group must then move as quickly as possible to the appropriate section.
  • Tip: After practicing this, I call out a number under ten at practice and have players point to the appropriate section on the court.

2 goes over with pass.


  • Tap wall, fellow player may play 1x for himself.
  • Touching the line
  • Knee touching the ground
  • Touch the ground on the buttocks


Supplies: A stick about 2.5 meters long and 1 to 2 cm thick.

  • The group gets the assignment to put the stick on the ground but it has to stay horizontal.
  • The group stands up straight (see drawing) and stretches both forefingers to the front at shoulder width and the upper and lower arms are at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • The trainer places the bar on the forefingers pointing forward.
  • From this position, the group should try to bring the bar down to the ground.
  • The bar must remain horizontal and not be raised or lowered on any side.
  • The bar should not be grabbed either!
  • Make groups of three, one with the ball.
  • One throws the ball over the net into a 3x3m square, the passer stands in that square and passes the ball to the net where it is caught.
  • Provide a second ball for a faster game.
  • After ten balls turn around.
  • Possibly start with catching then build up to playing.

  • Smash via bounce in own field over the net, is caught by another player. follow ball for next position.
  • Smash from own throw over the net. The throw up must be higher than your own height.
  • Smash after own roll over the net, from behind the 3 meter line.
  • Smash after own roll over the net, in the 3 meter line.
  • 1 player on elevation,
  • 1 player on position 3 and a player on the other side, just before catching the ball.
  • The player from position 3 throws the ball to the player on the rise,
  • This player smashes the ball hard, just behind the net.
  • Third player catches the ball, and gets in line.
  • Players follow the ball to the next position.

  • Variation:
    • Fixed team players: ball is thrown in, team players set up, player on the rise smashes the ball.
  • Variation:
    • without elevation

In pairs

  • Someone at the net (player A),
  • Someone on the backline (player B)
  • After each task with the ball, the players get a strength/physical exercise, alone or in pairs.
  • (This happens when the players have also switched between themselves).
  • After this, the players on the back line move on. This way you always have a different warming-up partner.
  • Player B lies on her stomach on the back line, player A hits the ball, at this moment player B jumps up and tips player A, player B tries to defend the ball.
  • After 10 hit balls, change.
    • Legs crossed and 15 sit-ups

  • Player B lies on her stomach on the back line, player A hits the ball, at this moment player B jumps straight attacks player A, player B tries to defend the ball.
  • After 10 lucky balls, change.
    • 10 blocks against each other's hands.

  • Player A attacks to player B, player B defends and player A attacks again.
  • After a certain time, change.
    • Belly on 3m, straight, attack, belly 3m. 6x

  • Player A chooses, short ball, far ball, attack, ... Player B defends everything, after a certain time change.
    • Sprints around the field
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