Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Start the build-up.
  • Person who dials in gives a slap on the ball,
  • Passeur runs in from behind the cone.
  • High passes, jumping to pass.
  • 4 players in game formation
    • 3 next to each other, passer slightly behind ready to run in
  • Girls on the other side pass in quick succession, little time in between.
  • Then with a serve.
  • Make sure they call.
  • 10 balls back over is a pass.
  • 2 teams - 1 ball.
  • Throw over the net, try to score.
  • After each ball, rotate position.
  • There is one scapegoat without the ball and two players without the ball.
  • The ball is thrown over in a good position, who has the ball can be tapped without the ball.
  • The ball may be held for a maximum of ten seconds.
  • If the ticker has intercepted a ball, then that ball goes out of the game.
  • Are you tapped you go to the side when no 2 comes on the side does no 1 again.
  • Divide the field in 2 halves.
  • 3 players per field.
  • A game is played on the diagonal,
  • The third ball is played on control.
  • First to the 10 points
  • Explanation:
    • drop to your knees.
    • Stand low.
  • Trainer indicates where both hands should be,
  • Head, shoulders, knees, ankles, etc.
  • Game shape:
    • With 2 facing each other,
    • ball in the middle.
    • Trainer gives commands.
    • Until the command "ball" follows.
    • Who has taken the ball the fastest, wins.
  • One player throws the ball under the net,
  • so deep in the knees,
  • to the teammate
  • This player plays the ball underhand over the net to the team mate.
  • Play in pairs
  • Only underhand.
  • 1x for yourself and
  • 1x to the teammate.
  • etc
  • Coach throws ball to trio,
  • who rally around and freeball to the six.
  • These play a well cared for attack, ending with a smash.