Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Players are spread out in the backfield.
  • Everything in the 3 yard line does not count.
  • They play the ball around together and the third ball is initially a free ball.
  • If that goes well, the third ball becomes a smash.
    • Game starts TRAINER throws the ball to the striker.
  • 6 are in line-up
  • Trainer and player stand on the other side of the pitch.
  • Trainer calls BLOCK,
    • The midfielder and left-hander block together.
    • The rest react with the movement as agreed.
    • Trainer then plays the ball, and the six finish the rally.
    • This can be done left and right.
  • 6 players in the field in position as if an attack is coming.
  • Trainer on the other side. Hits ball and calls free ball.
  • He throws the ball to the other side. Meanwhile, the players take up their positions.
    • The rest of the players start blocking for example.
  • no one is to go into the three yards,
  • including the ball
  • three meter match 4 against 4
  • everything must be overhand
  • after having played the ball, it is obligatory to tap the wall


  • position 6
  • position 4
  • position 2

  • rotate through in high tempo,
  • trainer plays 2 tricky ball to player on position 6,
  • this one plays ball to first 4 then 2.
  • everybody keeps on turning.
    • 6 goes to 4,
    • 4 goes to 2
    • and 2 joins the line at pos. 6

  • 3 players start serving
  • 6-team plays rally, emphasis on aggressive 3rd ball
    • is not allowed in the 3 meter zone.
  • Trainer plays SV to
  • The SV distributes plays left/right
  • Attackers must go full force against 6.
  • Three defends and rallies.

Players must think about the action to be performed