Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Trainer is at position 3 with 2 helpers,
  • First ball smash at position 5,
  • then short ball on 3 meters and then deep ball at the right back.
  • players stand in groups of 3
  • 1 player sits on a skirting board (2 parts of it) with feet on the ground (in proper position like reception) on the 3m line and plays the ball in reception position to the passer.
  • Another player stands on the passer position and will catch the ball which the player on the skirting board will play to him in reception.
  • A 3rd player (standing on a rise) throws or hits the ball to the player on the skirting board.
  • This ball must come from high so that there is a build up to a solid reception.
  • The passer throws every time the caught ball to the one who throws in.
  • After x number of times you change positions.


2 teams, one of which plays with 6.

  • If team sees opposing team use pass/key to play over the net,
  • the entire team must move backwards, away from the center.

If opposing team plays an attack through midfield, they must be in the regular lineup.

Make 3 threes:

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • Coach plays ball high over the net, back players handle this ball.
  • Point of attention: the two outside players (position 2 and 4) must move backwards when they see the high ball, in order to defend, and then be ready for the attack again.
  • Play out the rally in a concentrated manner.
  • Teams of 3 alternate.

3 triplets

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • 3rd trio on the other half of the pitch

intention is that the 6-team knows that an attack is played over 2 or 4.
6 team must anticipate

  • the midfielder must connect with the right/left forwards to make a block.
  • the remaining front player must move to the front of the net, the libeo (position 6) defends the block, Position 1 and 5 take position in the backfield.

After some attacking, 3 of them change position and 3 of them swap.

  • Alternate between anticipation 1 and 2.
  • Player must react correctly to attack and/or high ball.

points of interest:

  • call loose
  • move:
    • When attacking the block and the rest react in the back. Libero covers the block.
    • At high ball, anticipate to the back
  • Throw one side overhead
  • the other sitting low
  • and then drop to their knees and continue on the ground
  • We play 3 against 3 on a half field,
    • pass,
    • set-up
    • and attack (aimed and not hard),
  • After playing the ball, everyone rotates a position.
  • When the ball lands on the ground,
  • just bring it in by playing overhand, NOT serving.
  • If there are too many players, then 1 in the waiting room to come in for the pass.
  • Line up of three playmakers
    • left centre and outside attackers left
  • clap your hands and point in one direction
  • then they jump as a block and the other one goes to cover.