Volleyball drills for all skills



  • jog to the first line and back. Then to the second line and back, etc.
  • low dribble, back to the lines.
  • backwards.
  • jump at the lines
  • lie down at the lines
  • lateral connecting pass
  • Cross pass
  • throw and pass the ball
  • players stand in a row with ball
  • 1 without ball (distributor) at the net (right front)
  • Trainer throws in the ball
  • distributor plays the ball to the left-outside of the basket (set up outside)
  • distributor runs after his own ball and then joins the back of the row

PURPOSE: get the ball as far as possible to the outside-left (you can always add a mid-position if it goes well)


Warm up from the back line to the net:

  • run
  • unscrew right arm
  • Untie the left arm
  • Untie both arms
  • raise your knee
  • heels-bottoms
  • sideways (left and right)
  • cross pass
  • dive
  • Libero throws the ball to trainer SV.
  • At the moment of passing, the 3 net players step back (for the attack).
  • SV gives pass, finish game.
  • Variation:

- No pass from libero, but pass from smash. Other SV

  • Form of play 2 games.
  • obligatory smash.
  • free game
  • mandatory short ball
  • free game
  • 10 times back and forth to the net
  • 5 times backwards and forwards
  • 4 times sideways (connecting pass and face one way)
  • 4 times front to back crossing (also face one way)
  • 4 times heels touching butt and backwards
  • 4 times lift the knee and return backwards
  • 4 times sitting low on the side (pass posture) face one way
  • 4 times waving arms (left and right)
  • Stretching and stretching (calves, thighs, ankles loose, hips loose, arms stretching (front to back))
  • two groups on the back line and dribbling ready; sprinting at GO of the trainer:
  • centre line
  • 3 meter line
  • pass to the net
  • sprint and dive over the baseline
  • next already dribbling ready and pass at GO
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
  • 10 burpies (from stance on stomach, stand up and jump with arms in the air)
  • 10 times 5 seconds in pass position and then jump as high as possible

Passing on/ reception/ pass/ attack - Jore on 5 - Lene on 3

Two groups: group A: 4 players and group B: 5 players

  1. START group A: Jore - Lene - Marie - Julie
    1. Jore on 6 - Lene on 3
    2. 1 person (Marie) at the other side with the ball - 1 person (Julie) on position 5 next to Jore
      1. If there is a centre, only libero/ corner player reception.
  2. Start group B: Axelle - Nina - Sun - Inne - Lise - Lene as floating masseur
    1. Axelle at 6 (fixed) and Lene at 3
    2. 1 person (Zonne) across the field with the ball - 1 person (Nina) on position 5 next to Axelle
      1. If there is a centre, do only libero/ corner reception.
    3. Lise starts as a block
    4. Inne behind Zonne as reserve
  3. Passing on:
    1. Pursuivant -> reception -> attacker -> (block) -> pursuivant

    1. JORE: learns to agree, dares to catch or dare to pass
    2. LENE: pass and dare to speak, dare to play, dare to throw, dare to ...