Volleyball drills for all skills


Trainers throw ball to over the net and player:

  • Throw ball into field let it bounce and step over it.
  • Catch oh the ball
  • Catches bra the ball
  • Catches the ball sitting down
  • Catches the ball with 1 knee on the ground
  • Lies down on the ground and drops the ball on the buttocks


  • 1 ball per pair,
  • replay in a pair
  • Interrupt:
    • Technique explanation,
  • variation: only overhand/only underhand.
  • Two persons one ball and one tennisball.
  • One plays the ball overhand and the other throws the tennis ball to the other.
  • This can also be done underhand.
  • Attack with block and striker goes to cover immediately.
  • The trainer blocks together with a player
  • After the block, try to defend the ball
  • After defending, take the ball and play in line.
  • Two players one ball.
  • Player 1 throws the ball long and then short.
  • Player 2 plays back underhand.
    • First long then short and runs back.
  • Two people sit down on the ground
  • They play overhead to each other
  • If you have played then backwards and back again.
  • Stand in pairs near the pawn and move from left to right.
  • First one and then the other.
  • Clap each other's hands.
  • Team one ball.
  • Player 1 throws the ball long and then short.
  • Player 2 plays back underhand, first long, then short and runs back.
    • After five changes.
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