Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • 1 hits a ball to a passer at position 6 who passes to pos 2/3
  • player S gives a set-up to position 4, whereupon player 4 attacks straight ahead
  • player 2 stands in the starting position block and puts a block on the position where the ball goes over the net


  • player 4 retrieves his attacked ball and puts it in the ball pit
  • reserve becomes player 4
  • after 6 block jumps the blocker changes with player 1 and starts hitting.
  • player 1 moves to position 6
  • player position 6 becomes player position 4
  • player 4 starts blocking


  • Each good block is a point
  • player penetrates from position 1 to position 2/3 and gives set-up
  • A serves to B.
  • B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball into the backfield.
  • B defends this ball back to the playmaker, who then gives a setup for B.
  • B attacks this setup.

After the attack, A takes B's place and B becomes a reserve. The playmaker stays.

The attackers use the left half of the court with one playmaker. The middle attackers and diagonal attackers use the right half with another playmaker.


  • After the service, A takes a second ball.
  • After B's attack A throws this ball into the field.
  • B plays this ball to the playmaker, the playmaker gives a setup.
  • B attacks again.


  • Row of attackers on the outside without the ball
  • Trainer throws ball to SV
  • No 1 attack on outside, paying close attention to the run up and one must use 2 arms to come up. Attacker gets the ball and puts it in the ballcar.
  • Calm pace at first and later at a higher pace. But both arms must be raised!


Improving the attack by raising both arms

Accent: Paying attention to both arms

In pairs:

Batting towards each other, with the players paying attention to their arms

  • Hitting over a low net,
    • whereby the left arm points to the ball and the right arm goes back along the ear
    • The palm of the hand must first touch the ball
    • Then the hand unwinds over the ball / the fingers last.
  • The other rolls it back, after 5 changes

One person throws it for the other, hitting, while paying attention to the arms again, after 5 changes

  • 1 throws the ball underhand
  • 2 set up second tempo
  • 1 runs, makes attack and raises both arms
  • 3 defends, retrieves ball, rolls to 4
  • 4 gives ball to 1
  • after 5 good balls 1>3>4>1 turn over
  • core-2
  • Then 3 throws the ball to 1
  • 1 passes to 2
  • 2 gives set up to 1
  • 1 makes an attack and raises both arms
  • 3 defends or gets ball from 4
  • after 5 good balls, 1 >3>4>1


  • player throws ball to defender
  • the defender passes to SV
  • SV gives setup
  • Attacker hits, thinking about the arms,
  • If set up is not good, play smart on position 1, 5, or short on 2 or 4
  • Attacker gets ball, puts it in the box and stands in line of passers.
  • Passer becomes attacker
  • Batting on both sides of the net,
  • expandable with defense and blocking (1 man)
  • Line of attackers on the outside,
  • nr 2 throws ball to SV
  • No. 1 attacks on the outside, paying attention to the run.
  • After that row of attackers in the middle.


  • C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4
  • 1 and 2 after block attack
  • 3 and 4 defend, defender comes in
  • Set-up to 1,2 or 3, attack to 3 defenders.
  • They defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.

Making an attack run:

  • Right handed: left, right, left
  • Left handed: right, left, right

Players on length together

  • on one side the net lower
  • player throws ball to trainer
  • trainer holds up the ball
  • players knock the ball out of the hand of the trainer
  • stay on own side of the net

watch the run up, not the beautiful ball

after that: stand on the left side of the net on both sides. (stand on the outside) . In the middle 1 person throws the ball up and the pupils in line smash the ball over the net.

  • jump with your arms!
  • Hit the ball with your belly!