Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • Hang the net diagonally and put the children on the big one together
  • The small ones at the low net etc.
  • Trainer holds ball in the air and player makes run up and knocks ball out of your hands.
  • Don't focus on a nice ball, it's about the run up and wrist movement.
  • Practice attacking the net with hoops on the ground.
  • Every child has a piping bag in his hand and hands it over in the air.
  • Leapfrog
  • Here you practice the run up.
  • RH : Left, brake step with right, connect with left and over.
  • The other way round for LH.
  • When delivering a freeball we want to disrupt the opponents offence as much as possible. 
  • We can also use the freeball to take out an offensive attacker by pulling them close to the net or making them take the first contact. 
  • Dump zones are meant to target the setter or setter transition area and to pull an outside hitter off of their approach.
  • If there is time, the player passing the ball should look at the opponents side of the net to determine where to place the ball - D1, D2, D3, D4
  • Teammates not involved in the play should be:
    • Ready to defend the freeball
    • Looking at the opponents transition or positioning on the court
    • Communicating to the player passing the ball on where to put the ball - 1, 2, 3, 4
  1. Server plays the ball towards position 6
  2. 1 of the 2 passers, passes the ball towards the playmaker(SV)
  3. SV plays the ball to the front left or right
  4. Attacker (A) completes the attack (attack pass to net)
  5. Attack

    server -> passer

    passer -> attack

    attack -> server

  • The trainer throws in the ball to the setter or player B, 
  • Player B passes to either player A or player C 
  • They just play over or attack which may choose.
  • Players EDF slide as taught and defend that ball and the setter runs into the one who has not defended the cone and goes directly to his home position and the reception player goes directly to his home position then gives the setter a pass and if there can be attacked nice and in the field then they get a point after 10 points slide. 
  • A to F, 
  • F to E, 
  • E to D, 
  • D to C, 
  • C to B and 
  • B to A.
  • Everybody throw a ball up and catch at the highest point with a jump
  • Smash ball against the wall. Think of movement, cross, and wrist movement.
  • Throw ball up, smash against the wall. try to hit at highest point, think of wrist
  • Stand on the back line, throw the ball up and try to smash the ball over the net through the ground. try to hit the ball at the highest point.
  • Stand on the back line, throw the ball up, jump, and try to smash the ball over the net through the ground. 
  • Think of hitting the highest point, and wrist.

Aim: Players Setup from 1st time + targeted attack. 

  • T plays ball high over the net in the attack zone. 
  • Sv enters from pos.1 and sets up for -or backwards. 
  • A attacks on the mat/goal. 

Expand : Block, middle attack, ... 


Goal : develop game insight for attack

  • A1 plays the ball to SV. 
  • Sv set-up to pos.4 where A attacks. 
  • At the moment A attacks, A1 plays a second ball to SV. 
  • B & B1 take care of the block. (B1 always starts from pos.3), L defense. 
  • Second attack of A. place ball. L stands on a mat. Where L is not standing should be played to. 

We try to grow into a match form. Block gets points when attack can be stopped. Attack when scored or ball on the mat. Defender when defended.