Volleyball drills for general


2 groups, each at one side of the court.

  • group 1.
    • Player stands at the net.
    • Trainer calls easy.
    • Player has to go to the back, taps the pawn and then attacks directly.
  • group 2
    • Players on the other side try to defend the attack.
    • Only the pass.
    • Afterwards, everyone turn around.


  • At the net first a block ( once, maybe twice, trainer calls "block, block"'Easy) ,
  • then Easy, then attack.
  • 6 against 3
  • 3 players start the rally with an easy throw,
  • players of the 6s must react well, move well, and finish the rally.
  • After the rally immediately after the net, hands up, trainer plays a smash ball on the block.
    • Easy, rally attack, back to the net and block.

  • Referee's chair in the corner as goal
  • one person in the corner who has to catch the ball
  • instead of catching:attack

  • Trainer brings the ball from the backfield into the centre.
  • The middle player of the trio must set it up directly to one of the other players.
  • Call who you are serving.
  • In this way, the 'non-attacker' can go directly under the net to defend the ball.
  • Once at the other side, a perfect attack is built up and a new trio is ready to defend this attack and turn it into a counter-attack.
  • If you win the rally, the trio counts its point, but the next round starts from the beginning.


exercise 1

  • on each side 1 passer on 5, a catcher on 2/3
  • 1 spare passer on each side
  • 2 servers on each side.

The ball is served to the passer, who plays the ball to the receiver. You run after the ball, the receiver becomes the server on your own side.

exercise 2

  • Exercise remains the same, but the catcher plays the ball again to the passer who has to defend the ball shortly.

  • 4 gives setup on 1 and 1 attacks on 2.
  • 2 defends to 3,
  • 3 gives setup on 2 and 2 attacks on 1,
  • 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.
  • After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they switch,
  • the challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.



Multi-directional exercise:

  • Trainer starts, plays ball to passers, libero, left back, right back. 2/3 players
  • Good pass to regular SV. 1 player
  • Row of strikers, attack pass and smash 2/3 players
  • Try to defend the rest of the balls, and put them in the ball bin.
  • After 5 minutes turn over, also other SV (player 1, 2 and 3)


  • Other side of the field, players block and libero defends block.

Two rows on the 3m line, edge of the field.

  • Pass the ball in a zigzag and follow through.
  • Overhand pass
  • 1 player overhead, 1 player underhand
  • In the lower hands 1x for yourself, pass in the upper hands
  • Mandatory 1x for yourself, controlled pass

Red player performs exercise.
Blue players hand in balls.
Perform course 2 or 3 times in a row.

  • Ball is handed in --> reception --> attack after pass distributor
  • Block
  • Diving to the backfield
  • Defending reception + technical attack of playmaker
  • Attacking move
  • Reception + attack at three meter