Volleyball drills for passing / defense / reception


2 rows of children. Trainer throws the ball to the player and the player catches the ball via oh technique. So with arms extended and hands catching the ball. Trainer stands in front of the net and player in the back of the field. They throw the ball back to the trainer via oh technique and then touch the middle line and go under the net. There is a bench there which they walk over and then along the field back to the line.

Idem, only now they pass the ball back to the trainer. Pay attention to the outstretched arms and that they hit the ball low. Keep your knees and buttocks back. If they stand up straight, they hit the ball too high and it will hang or go over their head.

  • Trainer throws ball over the net and player catches the ball
  • Then via oh throw movement back over the net to the trainer
  • then tap the middle line
  • and then walk around the outside
  • and join again at the back
  • All of them 1 ball.
  • 1 child may throw dice (they all get their turn)
  • and the number of dots thrown must be tested or throw and then catch.
  • Split the group in 2, so each trainer a group and a dice.

2 teams with a net in between and 1 ball.

  • Throw the ball to each other and try to catch it.
  • How many times can you do this without dropping the ball?
  • Goal:
    • first 5x
    • then 10 times

Basket on the midfielder and then key in the basket.

  • In = 3 points
  • Hitting the basket = 1 point.
  • Who has the most points?

Trainer throws the ball over the net and the player touches the ball and catches it.

  • They start at the net and have to move backwards.

Idem, however now 2x keys and then catch.

  • Calmness and concentration
  • They must not run in all directions.
  • Stay on the spot for control

Position pawn A a good distance from pawn B

  • Everyone has 1 ball of his own and between the cones
  • Move the ball by touch from A to B.
  • Catch the ball and join the back of the pile again.

Player stands in front of the court with a bucket above his head.
Trainer throws the ball over the net and the player has to catch it and throw the ball directly into the bucket in his own volleyball way.
If you succeed you can change and otherwise you change after x number of balls.
This can also be done on 2 sides.


Cupboard on mid-front and a child on top.

  • You can do this on 2 sides.
  • Maybe make a separation in level or have the kid chase the ball.
  • Trainer stands next to the cupboard and throws the ball at the player.
  • Player passes the ball to the player on the cupboard.
  • The smallest may also catch and throw to the player on the cupboard.
  • Player remains seated for a while and after a while (e.g. 10x) you switch.