Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • Dive to 3 meter line
  • Shuffle backwards to the left corner
  • Walk to the net in position 4 - block
  • Roll back - offensive run - block position
  • Move to position 3 - block - move to position 2 - block
  • Dive to 3 meter line - other side
  • Attack run at position 4 - shuffle to cone - attack run position 3 - shuffle to position 2 - attack run
  • Block position and block
  • Turn and walk to corner on back line
  • Quick tempo - knees lifted - at least 50. - to other corner
  • Spurt along side to start

Exercise is done 5 times

Stretching in a circle - each to his own exercise

  • 3 against 3 or 2 tegn 2 (depending on number of players) on half court.
  • The ball must be kept in play on control.
  • Two players in the back of the court, the one who does not pass comes in for set up.
  • In case of 3 against 3, 1 player stands at the net and turns if the ball doesn't go over the net.
  • When they have passed the ball over the net 10 times in a row, they may go to the next level.
  • When the ball falls on the ground they start counting again.
  • Points of attention: on control, technical ball control
  • 1) attack out of position
  • 2) with jump - hit calmly and aimed - (withheld)
  • 3) with jump full force - hit aimed
  • 4) hit free from the trap.

  • Divide the group into 2 teams.
  • The teams play a form of handball, but you can only score if you catch the ball from your teammate who has bounced it against the net.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball.
  • You have to throw the ball over, run free and bounce the ball against the net.
  • foot by foot but at the 2nd YES get into a pass position as quickly as possible.
  • 10x sit-ups
  • 10x push-ups
  • 10 x left and right 'clock
  • 10x left and right russian sit up

  • Four players make a large square.
  • In the middle is E.
  • These players are the link between two triangles.
  • In both triangles the ball goes around.
  • And E plays the ball overhead in those two triangles.
  • With more than one player, change corner players.
  • Variant 1: E can choose to whom he passes the ball back.
  • Variant 2: The corner players play overhand to each other, but underarm to E.
  • Three players stand in a triangle.
  • The one who does NOT get the ball moves to the opposite side next to the other player.
  • Again, the one who does not get the ball moves.
  • Start simple by first playing the ball up in front of yourself and then serving one of the other two players.
  • The one who does not get the ball moves to the other side
  • Later on, make it more difficult by taking away the play-up part
  • Finally, you pass in front of yourself and hit the ball in a controlled way.
  • Super exercise for getting very tired very quickly.
  • Make two teams and two goals from cones.
  • The ball has to stay low to the ground so sit low and then play the ball with your flat hand.
  • Who first scores a goal.
  • Stop after about 15 minutes.
  • Then record the score who has scored the most has won.
  • Four players, three of whom make a large triangle.
  • One player stands in the middle.
  • The ball is played by someone from the triangle to the middle.
  • This middle player plays one of the other two players in the triangle.
  • One player from the triangle who does NOTHING must now switch with the middle player.
  • In short, the one who does nothing, switches with the centre.
  • working together in threes. The outer 2 players make sure that the middle player has to work well.
  • The middle player has to move up and down between the two outfield players.
  • Variation:
  • pass
  • Pass the ball after a throw-in
  • Pass the ball after an overhand pass.
  • one side overhead, other side pass
  • after each of the 5 times the exercise is done, change middle players.