Volleyball drills for warming-up


but instead of chairs, balls


they can choose for themselves

  • Backwards tag.
  • Split up the group and the catchers have to wear a ribbon.
  • And of course walk backwards, all the time and so do the taggers!

Jumping rope. 1 big rope and trainers turn.

  • Player in 1x jump and out again
  • Player in 3x jump and out again
  • Try to get 2 or 3 players in and jump 2x and then the front one goes out and someone comes in at the back.

3 line up on the sideline and perform task.

  • Throw forward ball for yourself and catch oh, pay attention to stretched arms and hands catch the ball
  • Idem, only now catch bra. So above the head
  • Throwing the ball for yourself, hopscotch and catch oh, when you catch you stand still for a moment in balance
  • Idem now catch bra

On the backline there are 3 rows, each player has a ball, carry out the assignment:

Task 1: Roll the ball for yourself and if the fall is over a be[aalde line (which the trainer decides) then you may start to stop your ball.

Task 2: Throw the ball forward and catch it overhand. Really above your head with hands in a bowl. Move from A to B.

Task 3: The same, but now backwards.

Task 4: Throw up the ball, hopscotch and when you catch the ball, stand still for 5 seconds on 1 leg.

2 or 3 louts (depends on the size of the group)

  • Keep in mind that there is a good catcher and a less good catcher.
  • If one person catches the ball then you change all the players at the same time so that the weakest player is never left standing!
  • When you're finished, stand with both arms up.
  • One arm down through the other player, shout KNAK.
  • Arm 2 down by fellow player then shout WORST and you're free.