Basketball drill: 1 - 1 (ball-you-basket)

Suitable for the following techniques: defense

1 - 1 (ball-you-basket)

  • Concept
    • The defense focuses between man and target and pushes the attacker to his weak hand
  • Positioning
    • Ball - You - Basket : Ready - Point - Stick aimed at the weak hand
    • The heel toe position can best be compared to a closed position
  • Ready position, "Nose in Chest" on an attacker who has the ball, you have one foot in front, and the hand on the same side.
  • Point position, "Digging the Ball" when the attacker starts a dribble.
  • One hand on the ball and one hand next to the head to prevent the pass.
  • Stick position, "Mirror the Ball" when the attacker stops his dribble and picks up the ball.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
U12 jeugd