basketball drill:
"break starting from choas"

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting , rebounding

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break starting from choas

  • Centers + Guards + Forwards
  • Starting from U14
  • 6 or more players 
  • 1 ball
  • two baskets


  • Mastering the basics of a break 


  • break training in a competitive situation 


  • 2 teams with different shirt colors
  • the players all run around the circle
  • as soon as the coach shoots they're gonna rebound
  • the team that captures the ball runs a break on the other side (no shot within 5 seconds = push up + take out other team on the back line)
  • after score or defensive rebound the other team runs a break back

Teaching Points:

  • outlet position and pass
  • flyer on the other side at full speed away
  • execute at top speed
  • After score, take in position immediately with overhead pass


  • two teams arranged alternately in 2 rows
  • the players tip the ball to each other via the board (jumping and tipping like a tip in)
  • and connect to the back of the other row
  • at the signal of the coach, the team that is currently picking up the ball runs a break
  • on the other basket
  • the other team defends
  • (with an odd number, the largest team always attacks and there is automatically an excess situation)