basketball drill:
"Corneroffense met dunckerspot"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

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Corneroffense met dunckerspot

  • 5 players. 
  • 3 Offense. 
  • 2 Defense. (Well executed) 
  • Extra defender on passer
  • A passes to B. 
  • B looks for the post up from C. 0,5 sec. 
    • If not. C moves to opposite site/duncker spot.
  • B goes one on one. 
  • But B cutting is extra option. 
  • 2 chances. 
  • If well executed every time. 
  • Extra defender on A.
  • Than it's 3 on 3, where A can be open for the shot when B drives..
basketball Corneroffense met dunckerspot