Basketball drill: defend triple threat

Suitable for the following techniques: defense

Defend triple threat


Goal: Defending the forward in triple threat position


  • attacker makes an agreed number of different feints before shooting or dribbling to the basket
  • defender must anticipate with a drop step when the attacker threatens to go over the front foot
  • with a two-footed backward hop when the attacker threatens to go over the back foot
  • when the attacker brings up the ball, the defender should quickly step towards the attacker, stand against him, feet wider than the attacker,
  • Trace the ball with your hands
  • When the attacker brings the ball back down, the defender returns to his/her original position with a slide step or a hop backwards (arm's length distance)

Teaching points:

  • react quickly on the feet, before the attacker does
  • Distance from the attacker: match the threat he poses.
  • Shorten the distance to the attacker with mini-slides, so that you can react immediately


attacker gives a pass to himself from the bucket edge

Starting exercise:

  • defender starts at arm's length
  • Square up = feet next to each other, chest perpendicular to the line of the ball-basket when the attacker is standing on the axis of the field.
  • Left foot forward when the attacker is standing on the right half of the field and vice versa.
  • Attacker fakes the shot
  • Defender steps forward, hand on ball
  • Attacker brings the ball down
  • defender recovers arm-length distance
  • attacker makes max 2 dribbles, left or right
  • after the stop, the defender steps forward again, hand on the ball

Form of play:

  • as above, but with shot + boxing out (= wall and rebound)
  • 2 scores in a row (also from the rebound!!) OR 2 stops in a row = loser presses and change

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:



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