Basketball drill: passing and cutting to/scoring in the basket. motion offense

Suitable for the following techniques: passing , system , attack

Passing and cutting to/scoring in the basket. Motion offense

  • Set up players: 
    • 1 with ball on the head (pos 1/white), 
    • 1 in position 2 or 3 (blue), 
    • The rest on 4 or 5 (same side as the forward, red). 
    • A defender or pilon somewhere around the free throw line or closer to 1 (is the defender of 1)
  • White passes to blue and immediately makes a cutting movement. 
    • Feint to the left and cut across the defender
  • Blue passes the ball to white in its movement and takes position 1. 
    • First of red fills in the position of blue.
  • White scores with the ball and the ball goes back to the new player in position 1. 
    • White follows red and becomes the last player in the red row.
  • The exercise starts again.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
U16 jeugd
U14 jeugd
U12 jeugd