basketball drill:
"Passingdrill plus 2 on 1."

Suitable for the following techniques: passing , catching , attack

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Passingdrill plus 2 on 1.

  • A) Player with ball starts on baseline. 
  • One defender (E) weakside of the bucket low offensive end.
  • Pass the ball to pos. B, 
  • pos B passes to pos C. 
  • Pos C passes back to running (A) player. 
  • Player passes ball to the corner D.
  • D) Corner tries to score/lay-up via the baseline. 
  • Defender steps in and defends baseline. 
  • Player A comes in like a trailer and can get the pass if D has not scored yet.
  • Rotate every position, A becomes B, has to run back via other side court. E becomes A, B-C, C-D, D-E.