basketball drill:
"Scoring from a pass at the head of the Bucket"

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting , passing , catching

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Scoring from a pass at the head of the Bucket

  • 1 row of players stands in the corner at the 3-point line without ball. (A)
  • 1 row of players stands 1 meter outside the bucket and 1 meter below the free throwing line with ball. (B)
  • A runs to edge of the bucket on baseline and blocks (fictional). (2 pilons)
  • Cuts to head of the bucket, turns in with right foot, gets pass from B. B follows the pass.

  • Defense. A takes shot/ lay-up...
  • B moves to row A. Player A catches his own ball and connects in row B.
  • Left and right, basic drill for pick & roll offense.
  • Can be played with 2 baskets.