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Basketball drills for technique passing

  • Depends on the number of balls. 
  • In pairs or alone
  • When alone:
    • Start at your position, dribble across the basket. 
    • Set or Jumpshot from your position (Guard, forward, center). 
    • Up to 8 points.
  • In pairs: 
    • Start at your position, pass to the opposite side of the basket. 
    • Last pass should be good so that shooter in jumpshot is ready for his/her shot. 
    • Up to 4 points per player. 
    • Losers: Slides over the width of the pitch, 1x back and forth.
  • Players line up in 2 groups on the same side of the field (sideline).
  • Everyone except the first two in line have a ball.
  • The players without ball run to the opposite side of the field. (top of key) 
  • The first player with the ball dribbles to the 3 point line on the side where he is standing and passes the ball to the incoming player at the top.
  • When he takes the ball. (Swing the ball, fake, crossover, drive and finish with lay-up.)
  • The player who passed the ball runs to the other side of the court where his drill begins.
  • On one side L and other side R lay-up.
drawing cross-over + finishing lay-up L and R
  • Start under the basket.
  • Two players pass back and forth in the run to center line....
  • At passage center line in man with ball the attacker and goes full dribble to basket.
  • Other player is defender and must get in front of man security and defend.
drawing Speed outbreak
  • 3 against 2 with passing every time. 
  • Help each other in defense when someone is free. 
  • The attackers learn to use a man advantage and to finish. 
  • Speed, precision, good passing and team play are necessary here.
drawing 3 v 2
  • You set up a course with pawns, benches.
  • Pawns:
    • Slalom
  • Benches:
    • Walking and dribbling.
  • Passing to the other side.
  • At each part someone is ready to start.
  • You pass the ball from a distance to the next person.


  • Breaking free, learning in/out, 5 out (keep moving).
  • Free with defender, receive ball and score.
  • 2x2, also possible with 3x3, 4x4 (vests), trainer passes (or good player).

Players gather on the right or left side of the center line.
The first two have a ball.
There are two catchers under the basket.
From the center line you dribble to the basket and make a lay-up.
The catcher catches the ball and passes it to the next player in line.
You do this until you have scored 15 times and then you change sides.

  • B passes the ball to C
    • B runs to cone receives ball
    • B scores lay up
    • B joins row C
  • C passes the ball back to line B
    • C goes to take the rebound from B
    • C goes to line A
  • A passes the ball to B
    • A connects in row B
drawing Warming up, 3 rows
  • Playing from 5 spots 
  • After each ball is taken, an action is made to the basket. 
  • This can be done in a drive or with a shot.
  • When the attacker is stopped by a defender, he passes the ball to the outside and cuts to the basket, via the baseline he mans a free spot in the corner.
  • When a drive is initiated, the defense can either go into help defense, which always leaves someone free at the 3-point line. 
  • When the defense does not go into help defense, the attackers must run free in order to be able to receive the ball when the driver gets stuck.
  • Important is the speed between receiving the ball and the drive. 
  • When the defense presses too high a cut to the basket can also be made to get free from his defender.
  • Red dot dribbles in while blue dot runs in to defend.
  • Red dot passes the ball to the white dot in the corner who immediately takes a shot.
  • Blue dot runs to the low post after the close out and gets the ball passed from red cone.
  • Red cone takes the rebound and goes to the top blue dot takes own rebound and goes to the corner where red cone was standing.
drawing  overhead pass to corner - 3point corner -post play
  • 4 Players on the baseline.
  • Player B has ball and dribbles to the cone.
  • B passes to player C.
  • B and C go to goal.
  • Player A and D sprint around the cone and start defending.
drawing RUN AND PLAY 2-2
4 pylons, at each pylon 1 player (1 or 2 players rebound)
  • Pass the ball down
  • Cut to the other side
Fill positions and ball goes through passes to the other side low, where the player takes a shot
drawing 5-out drill: Pass and Cut Drill