basketball drill:
"wall and rebound"

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting , passing , defense

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wall and rebound

  • Centers
  • Starting from U16
  • 2 or 4 centers
  • 1 ball per pair
  • a basket 


  • Defending a turn around jump shot
  • box out after shot
  • stimulate offensive rebound after shot


  • attacker turns around his axis and shoots
  • Defender brings his body in front of the ball with a slide-step, as close as possible to the body of the attacker.
  • keeps both arms straight up (= wall) so that the attacker has less view of the basket and has to adjust his shot slightly to shoot over the outstretched arms
  • box out immediately after the shot
  • A goal is 1 point
  • offensive rebound is 2 points even after a goal
  • each player defends 5 times in a row
  • loser for each point difference: 2 push-ups

Teaching points:

  • feet slightly wider than shoulder width
  • knees slightly bent
  • upper body and arms vertically
  • NO batting movement towards the ball
  • stand up against the attacker by moving towards the attacker (the upper body remains vertical)


  • attacker starts under the ring, with his back to the back line and gives a short bounce pass to himself
  • attacker first makes a shoulder fake in the opposite direction just before the shot