Basketball drill: warmingup - lay-ups, two rows, with passing and catching

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

WarmingUp - Lay-ups, two rows, with passing and catching

Two rows on the center line, 1 player in the corner on the baseline.

  • Beginning with right layups:
    • Ball is with the proposal player in the right row.
    • First player in left row runs to the forward.
    • Player with ball passes ball to player in left row.
    • Player in left row makes a jump stop.
    • Player in right row touches sideline at free throw line and makes a cut to the basket.
    • Player with ball passes to other player at correct time (other player asks for ball).
    • Player right row makes layup. (Pay attention to correct two-count rhythm)
    • Player in left row catches the ball (active rebound!) and passes to the player in the corner. (no ball on the ground!)
    • Player in the corner passes ball to next player in line.
    • Catcher becomes player in the corner.
    • 15 scores.
  • Next:
    • left layups - 15 scores --> pay attention to correct two-count rhythm, otherwise score does not count!
  • Points of Attention:
    • Pay attention to correct two-count rhythm.
    • Pay attention to correct hand. (left lay-up with left hand)
    • Make sure that tight passes are made, in front of the man (so that the receiving player does not have to slow down in her movement to the basket).


Characteristics of the drill

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