handball drill:
" (Attacking) zones"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

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(Attacking) zones

The field is divided into 5 (attack) zones. That is:

  • Zone 1: RH
  • Zone 2: RL
  • Zone 3: ML
  • Zone 4: LL
  • Zone 5: LH
  • H = high, L = low

  • Try as much as possible to occupy every zone in the attack. 
    • e.g. start the RO in from zone 2 to 3, then the MO should take over the position in zone 2.
  • Attention! 
    • This does not only apply to an in-starting player with ball. 
    • Positions of in-starting players without ball must also be taken over.

handball  (Attacking) zones