Handball drill: breakout

Suitable for the following techniques: attack


  • Bring the ball to the other side in pairs and score.
  • Red brings the ball to the other side and tries to score.
  • Start in pairs from the back line.
  • At the moment red tries to score a goal, green is allowed to start to score a break-out at the other side as well.
  • Red then defends back.
  • When green has taken a chance they have to go back to defend the other two red players. 
  • These of course start when green has taken a goal attempt. 
  • This exercise can continue in current form because the players keep coming back on their own side. 
  • You can do this on time (which group has scored the most goals?) or you can set a limit to a number of goals scored.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels:
E jeugd
D jeugd
C jeugd
B jeugd