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Handball drill: moving builder

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control

Moving builder

  • You put 1 player at the 1 meter, of the 9 meters, at the buildup position.
  • Put 3 pawns:
    • 1 pawn on the center 2 meters from the 9 meters.
    • 2 pawns left and right on the 9 meter line, 3 meters from the middle pawn.

  • Player starts in to the right pawn with ball, plays off to the builder.
  • Runs backwards around the middle pawn and receives the ball between the 2 pawns.
  • Plays the ball back, comes around the middle pawn, gets the ball back and rounds off with a jump shot high.
Everything in high tempo.

drawing Moving builder

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: