korfball drill:
"1 versus 1"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack , shoot , passing

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1 versus 1

  • Make pairs, at each post a pair.
  • We are now going to use the posts lengthwise, namely one player of the pair attacks the post opposite to him or her.
  • One player of the opposite post does the same.
  • How does this work?
  • Of each pair there is a number 1 and a number 2.
  • Number 1 is going to defend his post for a minute and a half against the other number 1 of the post opposite to him.
  • When the number 1 of a post has had a chance, the other number will attack and so there will be a change of function (and of post, because everyone is defending his own post).
  • So there is always a change of function if the attacker has lost the ball.
  • As a player, you are attacking as well as defending for a minute and a half