korfball drill:
"Aimed throw"

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

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Aimed throw

Aimed throw: 

  • aiming at different parts. 
  • Repeat first how to throw with 2 hands. 
    • in front of the chest, 
    • thumbs behind the ball, 
    • hands on the sides of the ball (bowl), 
    • feet a little apart, 
    • stretching arms and moving your upper body.
  • The children throw from a certain distance. 
  • This distance can increase or decrease if necessary during training. 
  • The child throws once and then moves on to the next one. 

Learning to aim:

1. Throwing a pilon off a cupboard (big pilon = easy, small pilon = difficult)

2. Throwing a ball off a pilon

3. Aiming the ball in a raised post

4. Aiming the ball into a hoop

  • When the children have practiced this, you can make this exercise even more interesting later on by using hats. 
  • Once a 'hit' has been made, the children are allowed to pick up a hat, this way a small game is made of it. 
  • This can be done when they see that the throwing is going well. 
  • By observing the exercise I can see which of the f-pupils is ready to throw with one hand. 
  • I can then guide these children to try to throw with 1 hand. 
    • It is important that the ball is on your hand behind your ear, 
    • your left foot is in front (if you're right-handed), 
    • the ball goes past your ear towards the front, 
    • body weight goes from the back leg to the front leg. 
    • and the wrist is flipped, 
    • after stretching it.