korfball drill:
"Conquering the box"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up , passing

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Conquering the box

At a distance of +/- 15 meters from each other, make two compartments with 4 pilons of 1.5 x 1.5 meters.

Make two teams with an equal number of players. 

  • Each team has its own compartment.
  • The other team tries to conquer the other team's square.
  • This happens when 1 striker is standing in the opponent's square and the ball is played by a team-mate.
  • They get 1 point. No other players are allowed in the box.
  • When the defence intercepts the ball, they may immediately start the attack on the opponent's square.


  • on time
  • with points
  • of both teams 1 player is allowed in the box
  • no limit on the number of defendants in box
  • no limit on the number of attackers in box
  • customize size of box
  • distance between boxes