Korfball drill: frisbee

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up



The goal is to get the Frisbee to the other side, in the box behind the playing field, by means of free running.
The attacking side gets a point when a teammate catches the Frisbee behind the line.
The player who is holding the Frisbee is not allowed to run with the Frisbee.
The defenders may not defend directly against the player who is holding the Frisbee, but they may hit the Frisbee to the ground.
The Frisbee is then for the defending side.
Therefore, if the Frisbee does not reach a teammate, it is always for the opposing team.

  1. The game is played in two teams of 4 players.
  2. The offensive team starts with the Frisbee in their hands.
  3. By overplaying, the attacking side tries to catch the Frisbee behind the backline. Is there a catch? Then the attacking side has a point.
  4. The defending side can get possession of the Frisbee by hitting it on the ground when it is loose.
  5. The team that scores 3 points first wins.

Too hard? At some point you can also choose to play in a square, where the Frisbee no longer needs to be brought behind the playing field only, but all sides earn a point

Characteristics of the drill

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