Korfball drill: space usage

Suitable for the following techniques: general

Space usage

Use of space

Make the players aware of the space within the field of play and how to use it.

Points of attention
Choosing a useful position so that the player can play and/or score.

Within the playing field there are two circles (often there are already lines in the hall, e.g. for basketball), the circles are playable all around (just like the basket). A goal can be scored when a player bounces the ball in the circle and a teammate catches the ball. Further rules are the same as for korfball.

1. It is also possible to play with one circle. After this, the party may attack.
2. After a score, the ball may be played on by the party that has possession of the ball.

1. Both parties may score at both circles, this allows you to move the attack to the other circle. This offers many new tactical possibilities, also in terms of use of space and insight.
2. It is also possible to play with for example 4 circles. When playing with multiple circles, the circles can also be smaller, such as a hoop or a bicycle tire. The overview that the players have becomes more and more important.

Tip for the coach:
1. Pay attention to the timing of throwing and free running.
2. The space for free running is also determined by the defenders (the opponents).
3. Try to make a connection between the forms of practice and games, e.g. throwing two-handed was taught, the final game is hunter ball where you have to throw with two hands.
4. Make sure you build up the training material from easy to more difficult.

Rules of the game:
The defender may try to block the ball by provoking the attacker to throw against his hand. The defender's arm may not move in the direction of the attacker, but only in the path of the ball. The ball does not have to be released by the attacker during blocking.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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