korfball drill:
"Throwing with one hand"

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

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Throwing with one hand

How do you throw with one hand?

  • It's important that the ball is on your hand behind your ear,
  • your left foot is in front (if you're right-handed), 
  • the ball goes past your ear towards the front, 
  • the body weight goes from the back leg to the front and the wrist is folded, 
  • after stretching it.

Let's practice: 

  • the kids stand on a line and all have a ball. 
  • Everybody throws with 1 hand (their favourite hand) and tries to throw as good as possible with that hand. 
  • No distance has been agreed to yet.
  • Later on, pilons are added so the children really have to throw a certain distance with the ball.

Variation: it is also possible to throw with the other hand

1. Repeat this with two hands

2. Throw with your favourite hand

3. Throw with your other hand