Korfball drill: transfer situation

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

Transfer situation

In this form of competition we emphasize free running in attack:

Play this with 3 attackers against 2 defenders.
As attackers against the 2 defenders, try to create good chances as
as possible.
As attackers, try to continuously run into the spaces over the backs of the defenders in order to get free faster to shoot and score


Only balls may be passed beside you (not over the defenders. In this way you encourage the fellow attackers on both sides to open a play line which is easy for the player in possession of the ball.

  1. The attackers stay within the defined playing area.
  2. The attacker must decide within a maximum of 5 (or 3) seconds between shooting or passing....
  3. Who is first to score 3 points?
    1. A goal is a point for the attack.
    2. An interception or a ball out through the attackers is a point for the defenders.
  4. You can also work with 3 attempts or attacks if it takes too long to pass.

Challenge players to find answers to these questions:
  • Where is the space?
  • Where are the defenders or where are the defenders looking and how can I best get clear?

If you have 8 players, you can still have them play 2 on 1 at a basket (release within the oval).

If you are with 9 players, you can still have 2 on 2 play at a basket (again with the emphasis on getting free to shoot).

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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