soccer drill:
"1 v 1 with tiny goals"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack , defense , strength

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1 v 1 with tiny goals

  • make a field about a quarter of a quarter.
  • Set two small goals opposite each other. Divide the players over the two goals. (With many players you can make two squares)
  • One party has the ball and plays over to the other side.
  • Then the 1 v 1 starts.
  • One side has to attack and defend the other. 
  • It is only allowed to shoot from the pilons towards the goal.
  • If the defending party picks up the ball, the roles can be reversed.
  • By playing this game quickly you practice passing, controlling, attacking, defending.
  • But also on fast shifting, perseverance and insight.
soccer 1 v 1 with tiny goals