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Soccer drill: attacking ruit in midfield.

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

Attacking Ruit in midfield.

  • Starting in circle center line.
  • Number 10 offers but chooses which side.
  • Other players must therefore pay close attention. Depending on that choice, we assume left at green hat or right at orange hat.
  • In this example the green hat is on the left.

  • Number 10 offers and passes the ball to number 6. He immediately passes to the right sacked striker.
  • At the moment the sagging striker is played in, the other striker begins his run.
  • The striker again has a choice:
    1. Dropping on the returning number 10
    2. Immediately play into the flank.
Continued if choice 1:
  • Number 10 pokes the flank midfielder away by a deep pass towards the corner.
  • The other flank midfielder starts his run to eventually end up at point 16, about the time the cross is going to be delivered.
The crosser then has 3 choices:
  • First post -> run-through 'cross' striker.
  • Second post -> passed flanker
  • Edge 16 -> runaway sagging striker
Continued if choice 2:
  • The sagging striker plays the ball tightly into the feet of the midfielder trapped on the touchline. The midfielder is then left with two options:
    • A stab pass to the crooked second striker who has run out behind the sagging striker.
    • An early cross toward the far point 16, here the other midfielder connects and lays the ball wide to the striker.
drawing Attacking Ruit in midfield.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: