soccer drill:
"Newcastle Warming up"

Suitable for the following techniques: condition , warming-up

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Newcastle Warming up

Twos / two rows of hats / caps / ladders

  • passing between two pylons. On the whistle, sprint around the ladder
  • Carroussel: Ladders up, run back passing
  • Think about it!: Jump down, jump down, jump left, right, left!
  • Team spirit sitting side by side, arms crocheted, lying down and then doing sit ups
  • One player runs via ladder and the other throws the ball into the hands
  • One player runs through the ladder and the other throws the ball for a header
  • Short steps over the ladder, then zigzag through the pylons, there sprint to the end where there is a pylon.
  • Circle warming up: Circle around and sprint to the center.
  • Fun warm up, form pairs of two and then walk around while you push against each other 
  • Throw over thigh control and volley
  • Throw over chest control and volley
  • ZigZag around your own pilons forward backward
  • High stairs
  • ball tapping, head ball back
  • knee tapping (whistle)