soccer drill:
"positioning and countering"

Suitable for the following techniques: positional play

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positioning and countering

  • Expensive: 
    • 15 min
  • Distance: 
    • 2 boxes 8 by 8 distance between the boxes 8 meters.
  • Execution: 
    • Teams start numbering 1.2 to capture the ball in opponent's square. 
    • Once this is done, they switch back to their own square and the no. 1,2 of the other team come to their square to capture the ball. 
    • In this way they rotate with numbers all the time. 
    • In the box where no defenders try to take the ball, they play the ball around quietly.  
  • When it doesn't stay in the team and goes out of the box this means 5 push-ups!!!!!.
  • Coaching: 
    • Also here it is determined to keep half time and overview they are only 2 opponents. 
    • Furthermore it is important to be attentive when you have conquered the ball and switch immediately to your own box. 
    • For the team that lost the ball try to switch faster than the 2 defenders so they have 2 people less to play the ball around. 
soccer positioning and countering