soccer drill:
"prolonged warming up/ positioning korfball"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up , positional play

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prolonged warming up/ positioning korfball

  • A field of 20x30 meters
  • 2 teams of equal number of players. if odd: with 1 chameleon (is in game with ball possession)
  • Players may play a maximum of 3 passes with the ball and must then throw the ball over to a team-mate with their hands.
  • in 15 continuous transfers by 1 party they have 1 point
  • at 5 points opponent has to perform 10 push-ups
  • 4 sessions of 5 min. Just let them play the first session, after the first session talk about the good moments but of course also address the lesser moments, think of coaching, getting into the ball, when throwing long ball. 3rd session with focus on positioning with the feet. before the 4th session, indicate where things are not going well yet.
  • You'll see that it's easier with the hands.