soccer drill:
"Warming up with integrated sprinting"

Suitable for the following techniques: condition , warming-up

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Warming up with integrated sprinting

For this fun and interactive soccer warm up you let the players make a circle around you, about 15 meters away from you. So you are standing in the middle of the circle.


  • The starting point of the players is their place in the circle, they stay "jogging" in place.
  • Call: "Inside" and all players sprint towards you up to a meter or two away. Then they turn around and quickly sprint back to their spot where they keep moving.
  • Call: "Outside" and all players sprint away from you until you call "Back", then everyone returns to the starting position in the circle.


  • Make sure players do not stand on their flat feet, but always on their toes.
  • Players should sweat heavily after this exercise.


  • You can apply different variations: sit-ups, push-ups, jump up, knees up by base position, sprint to the right or left while maintaining the circle shape.