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Volleyball drill: 2-touch

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up


2 teams -2 touch

2 teams play against each other. Teams may only:
  • Play ball underhand.
  • Play ball overhand.
  • Play push/puncture ball.
  • Do not smash!
Initial goal: keep the ball in play.
Variation goal: competition, make it as difficult as possible for each other. Run on everything, react, dive.

2-team OH overplaying. Control, high balls, get ready low.
From movement:
  • After OH move left and right. First to left, then back to right.
  • After OH to the back, and catch up again. Change after 10 balls.
OH with trainer from position 2
Trainer throws the balls to:
  • From a row:
    • Move from side field.
    • Move from center field.
    • Move from the backfield.
    • Movement from 3 meter area.
  • From a row:
    • Pass the throw from the trainer and catch it yourself at position 3.
  • 3 in a row:
    • Fixed catcher on 3. Each time 3 moves up and adds a player on the outside.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: