Volleyball drill: attack and score

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

Attack and score


  • this exercise, the attackers get the mission to immediately score with their attack. The defense has to prevent this of course.

    A permanent playmaker is used. A number of attackers is on one side of the playing field with a ball. They play the ball to the playmaker, who will give the set up for the attacker.
    If the attacker scores, he joins the back of the line of attackers (as reward). If the attacker does not score, he has to defend. Rotating happens in the following way. attacker - A - B - C - D - attacker.

    In defense, A is the blocker.
    Make it clear upfront what immediate scoring means: ball on the ground, even if there is no playable defense.

  • permanent playmaker
  • line of attackers with ball plays ball to sv
  • Set-up to attacker 1
  • If attack scores, join line attackers
  • Otherwise attacker 1 to A - B - C- D- attacker
  • In defense: A = blocker, BCD= back

Characteristics of the drill

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