Volleyball drill: attacking and scoring

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

Attacking and scoring

Batting with a fixed distributor, we pay attention to our run-up.


The attackers get the assignment to score directly with their attack. The defence of course gets the assignment to prevent this.

The game is played with a fixed distributor. A number of attackers stand at one side of the playing field with a ball. They play the ball to the distributor, who gives a setup for the attacker to attack.

If the attacker scores, he goes back to the back of the line of attackers (as a reward). If the attacker does not score, he must defend. For that purpose, the following sequence is used: Attacker - A - B - C - D - Attacker.

At the defense A is the blocker.

Discuss clearly in advance what immediate scoring means: ball on the ground or also if there is no playable defense.


  • fixed playmaker s
  • row of attackers with ball plays ball to sv
  • Set-up to attacker 1
  • If attack scores, to the back of the row of attackers.
  • Otherwise attacker 1 to A - B - C- D- attacker
  • In defence: A = blocker, BCD= at the back

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
6 year



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