Volleyball drill: blocking session

Suitable for the following techniques: block

Blocking session

  • jump on closet without hands
  • block at the net.
  • 3 people have a ball in their hands and stand on the bench at the net.
  • The others make a line in the middle of the 3 meter line.
  • The first one walks to the net and makes a block jump while touching the ball.
  • You go center --> left --> center --> right.
  • Then the next one. You do 3 series.


  • Part 2
  • 3 people line up on the middle of the 3 meter line.
  • The rest divide on the other side of the net with ball on middle, outside, diagonal.
  • You throw the ball for yourself. The blocker blocks the ball.
  • The order is centre --> left. Then the next blocker comes and goes centre --> right etc.
  • 3 seriesblocking-session

Characteristics of the drill

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