volleyball drill:
"Catch Service Pass"

Suitable for the following techniques: passing

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Catch Service Pass

Focus of this exercise is the service pass.

Start serving calmly, raise pressure in the course of the exercise.

  • A serves to B
  • B passes to C
  • C catches, and joins position D
  • D serves or E
  • E passes to F
  • F catches and joins position A


  • A takes 3 steps into the field, after the pass/set up follows a controlled straight attack, which A defends himself .
  • A catches ball, and gives it to a reserve server on position A
  • Idem for D

8 Players: reserve on serving position
10 players: position reserve on serving position and pass
12 players: 2 reserves serving position, 1 reserve pass position
14 players: 2 reserves on serving position and pass