volleyball drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: passing , system

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This exercise is  fun in the warming-up and improves the communication between players.

  • 2 teams of 3 persons.
  • 2 persons of each team have a ball. 
  • Can also be done with 4 players and 2 balls, 3 players 1 ball, does also depend on the level of your players
  • C has a ball and throws in to one of the teams. 
  • The goal is that the ball is played over the net in 3 times, in which each person can touch the ball once.
  • The one who plays the ball, cannot hold another ball and nobody can hold 2 balls, and no ball is allowed to touch the ground.
  • Emphasis is on communication (before and during the game) 
  • Give the assignment to the teams that they must agree on a strategy how to solve problems? 
    • For example, the name of the person receiving the ball is called, agreements how to play, etc.

It is a good exercise to look at the solutions the players come up with themselves to solve this difficult problem, or whether they know that to win it is useful to pass to a player who already has a ball and a guarantee for fun in the exercise :-)

  • Depending on the level of your players, you can make this game harder by having the last ball calmly.
  • If you play this with multiple times, then change the team that lets the ball drop for a different team.
  • Teams themselves keep score, and a team scores when the other team drops the ball.