Volleyball drill: impact with blocking and spin through

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, passing, block

Impact with blocking and spin through

  • 3 blockers ; 1 outside and 2 middle.
  • 1 SV.
  • Rest attacks.
  • TR plays the ball in to the libero.
  • Libero pass --> SV -libero stays standing--> With more players, the guard can come in, 6.
  • Player 3 attacks --> player 1 and 2 are low in attack coverage.
  • Attacker becomes defender and defender becomes attacker.
Outside people set the block and the middle connects, the other outside becomes free net player in defense.

  • Everyone stays in their own position --> TR decides when we switch SV and attackers --> CAUTION the centers keep blocking !!!
  • With more players we can rotate through: 1 or 2 --> attacker --> waiting room, 6, comes in for defense.
  • Attacker becomes waiting room blocker - behind 5.
  • Blocker 3 --> gets the ball --> into ball carrier.
NOTE: maybe an extra man in the waiting room defense, then remove 1 blocker -4 or 5-.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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