volleyball drill:
"Warming up"

Suitable for the following techniques: warming-up

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Warming up

Set up net

Run rounds around the hall and stretch


  • Line 1 players ready to stop ball
  • Line 2 players behind trainer with ball
    • Front player puts ball in hands trainer and joins line 1
  • Trainer rolls ball and player from line 1:
    • Stops ball with right hand
    • Stops ball with left hand
    • Stops the ball with the foot
    • Runs around and sits in front of the ball, and lest ball roll between the legs
    • Runs around and lies down in front of the ball and holds the ball still with stretched arms
  • High tempo!

Stomach muscle exercises:

20 x up, 20 x up, hold, 10 x up in 3 steps, 5 x up in 7 steps

10 x squats, 10 x burpies, planking, push ups