Volleyball drill: watching is important

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, defense

Watching is important


The purpose of the exercise is twofold: the defender must learn to 'read' where the attacker is going to hit and the attacker must look where the defence is before hitting.

We work with two regular playmakers, on both sides of the field a row of attackers on the left-for position. And two defenders, who may choose where they position themselves on the field. A defender has to defend the attack 10 times, preferably a nice pass, but touching is enough. If the attacker hits the net or leaves the field, that also counts. And the attackers may only smash, no prick balls! After the attack, the attacker retrieves the ball and joins the other row. The attacker who defends the ball at the 10th time takes the place of the defender. The defender will then of course attack.


  • 8 - 10 players
  • enough balls

If there are less players, the exercise can also be done, but then on one side. The attacker retrieves the ball and joins the same line.

The blocker joins in, indicates where he is going to block and the mid-back goes to his place.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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Suitable for the following levels:



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